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If you believe smoking herb from a crystal will increase your vibrancy and enhance your peaceful, meditative energy, then this smoking wand is for you! The quartz crystal wand is known for relieving stress and enhancing compassion while combating feelings of anger, jealousy, and regret. It offers calming and soothing properties to help you deal with your everyday stressors. Enjoy your next smoke sesh with this beauty!


We recommend cleaning your Kiki pipe before use. During the cutting process, some residue gets into the chamber of the pipe.  Since we try our best to handle all products as minimally as possible (for your safety), we do not wash the pipes before shipping.

To clean your pipe, simply place it in a bowl of water with equal parts rubbing alcohol and salt.  Move it around the water solution gently for a few minutes. Then, let it dry. Thereafter, your pipe will be clean and its integrity will be preserved.