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Rih Rih
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Are you ready to join the paperless revolution? 

Take your smoking game to the next level with no more ripped wraps or wasted product. The Rih Glass Blunt rids you of the hassle of rolling up and gives you way more time to enjoy your smoke. In just a few easy steps, your blunt will be effortlessly loaded & ready for use in a matter of seconds. You will get a fresh hit every time!

The Rih Glass Blunt has a thick, heat-resistant glass tube, the spiral insert is made of durable metal, and the entire unit is very easy to clean. The spiral cools down the hit reasonably well, and the ash disposal on this model is unlike any other. All you have to do is pack it tight, twist it, and light it up! It’s truly a dream come true. (NOTE: that counterclockwise twist is clutch!!)

Dimension: 16 x 119 mm